What's Ecrira?

Ecrira helps children discover the beauty of the alphabet through their fingertips. Designed as an educational tool to help young children learn the alphabet, Ecrira features 26 exciting levels where kids can slide and swipe their way through interactive animations of each letter of the alphabet, engaging their imaginations, memory and coordination.

For iPad Versions:
1, 2, 3, 4 and Mini

Suitable for:
children 2+

Developed with kids!

From the start we’ve collaborated with
kids, parents and teachers, to create
the most educational and entertaining app
for children learning the alphabet.
About Ecrira
Ecrira in 6 Steps:

1) Your kids will discover how to spell each letter of the alphabet!

Using their fingers as a pen, children interactively learn the correct spelling of capital letters, helping improve their memory and motor abilities.

Schreibgesten A bis Z

2) Family Friendly environment for kids!

No Ads and no in-app purchases, ensuring you don’t incur any extra charges.

ecrira menu screen

3) Fun and motivating!

Not only does Ecrira teach your children how to spell and write, it also allows them to make music, move animals and much more. Ecrira will help inspire your child’s imagination and motivate them to learn through fun and exciting games.

4) Heroes

On top of learning each letter of the alphabet, your child will be introduced to a variety of cute characters. From helping a squirrel to gather nuts, to flying a rocket around the moon, your child will never get tired of learning.

abc helfer

5) Designed for Kids

kindgerechtes-menu We’ve kept menu options to a minimum so your child can independently navigate from letter to letter. The intelligent helping hand guides them where to go.

6) Developed for Kids

Ecrira is an educational and exciting app, which was developed with kids, parents and teachers to create the most interactive and enjoyable way for children to learn the alphabet. We’d like to thank all the parents and their kids who helped us develop this fun app.

sound in der app grafik
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Who made it?

This app was made with pleasure by indie developers. Ecrira contains the expertise and the sparetime of:

Thomas: Programmer
Dennis: Designer
Eric: (Sound) Educator
Alex: Editor

We wish you and your children lots of fun with Ecrira


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